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If you work or volunteer at a shelter, if you have a dog training school or organize training, you can contact me to participate in your activities. We can address the following issues:

Dog training


 - Understanding and improving communication with dogs 

-  How to identify and relieve stress

- Living together and enjoying a dog without behavioural problems

- Socialization of puppies

- Functional Phenotypes: Expected breed/crossbreed temperaments

- Medical care and veterinary emergencies

- Fear/agression diagnosis and management

- Seperation anxiety diagnosis and management 

Each of these topics is discussed in a separate seminar


Intensive courses

(5-7 days)


- Introduction to Canine Education: Basic Tools

- Management of shelters: dog welfare and helping adopters

- Introduction to Clicker Training

- Improving and expanding clicker use 

- Introduction to problematic behaviours and case management


Each of these issues is an independent intensive course. To attend some of the courses, students require prior knowledge of dog training


Training trainers and clients


- Commercial techniques for home trainers


- Sei Thai as a strategy to reach out to each person in the most effective way

- How to get your clients to follow your advice


Each of these topics is discussed in the same seminar


Intensive course "Trainer training"

(7 days)


- Adult education

- Structuring contents and facilitating plan development

- Participative dynamics for collective learning

- Communication techniques for teachers

- Practical Instruction

 - Learning Assessment


All these contents are discussed in the same course. It is designed for professional trainers who provide training.


Intensive course "planning for organizations"

(5 days)

- Legal aspects

- Strategic planning and annual operational planning

- Procedures and Regulations

- Labour policy and description of duties

- Working with volunteers



It can be customized to the needs of a particular team, addressing their specific situation.


Dog assisted therapy



- Introduction to dog assisted interventions

- Selection of working dogs

- Design of indicators to measure progress with assisted therapy (only for health professionals or therapy dog trainers)


 Each of these topics is discussed in a separate seminar 


Intensive course "dog assisted interventions"

(7 days)

- Types of dog assisted interventions

- Selection of working therapy dogs

- User Profiles: intellectual disability, physical disability, geriatrics, special education, prisons, courts, hospitals ..

- Designing Sessions: objectives, planning and ongoing evaluation activities

 - Design of indicators to measure progress with the assisted therapy 

 All these contents are discussed in the same course. 

Assistance Dogs


- Introduction to assistence dogs

- Introduction to hearing dogs 

Hearing dogs intensive course

(7 days)

- Selection, training and placement of hearing dogs